Don’t get scammed by the scammers

There are so many scams around from emails, web popups, automated calls, cold calls etc

They often say they are calling from major ISPs like BT, Virginmedia, plusnet, Talk Talk etc as well as Microsoft & Amazon, These companies will NEVER call you to tell you that you have a broadband issue or a problem with your computer.

Often they target the older generation who are less tech savvy & baffle them with tech speak and are usually charming

They are nearly always calling via VOIP (internet phones) with UK numbers but but mainly from India, If you get an automated call or a voice call from these companies then hang up and don’t interact with them or there is a real risk of you losing thousands of pounds (I have one customer scammed out of £9,000 & another £17,000).

Watch the videos below to educate yourself on how these scams work so you don’t become a victim.