Laptop Repairs Desktop Repairs Mac Repairs

At Cottenham Computers we provide what we consider the best support to existing and new customers alike, We can repair your computer in your home or place of work and are able to fix 90% on the first visit within an hour. Occasionally we will need to bring your computer back to our workshop to fix where it could be very infected taking a long time to scan or where we suspect hardware failure.

With nearly 25 years of experience of repairing computers we are are able to repair 99% of computers, sometimes though where laptops may have been dropped, new components may make repair uneconomically unviable, in this case we can supply a range of new laptops & desktop PCs along with transferring your all your data.




Typical Problems

PC Crashing or Freezing

When your PC, Laptop or Mac stops working as it should, from Blue Screens of Death (BSOD) to windows or Mac OSX failing to boot up, We have the knowhow and skills to troubleshoot and fix any of these issues.

Internet Problems

Internet slow or just not working as it should be? internet issues can be caused by lots of things, software corruption, Antivirus programs, router issues, and intermittant Wi-Fi signal to name a few, with the years of experience we can get to the bottom of the problem to get you back up and working.

Software Problems

The vast majority of problems with PCs are due to software conflicts, bugs as well as bad programming, these can be caused by windows updates, a newly installed piece of software conflicting with another, these can cause computers to not boot, random crashes etc.

Virus / Malware Attacks

Computer viruses & malware attacks are becoming more and more common, it is a constant battle to stay ahead off all the new exploits & attacks on the internet every day, We can remove, clean all viruses & malware from your computer and put the best Antivirus/Anti-Malware on the market to keep your computer virus free.

Hardware Failures/Upgrades

Is your PC, Laptop or Mac starting to get very slow to start or use, or fails to boot? then fear not we can repair or upgrade your computer so its running better then it was before, or you may feel its time for an upgrade, either way give us a CALL.

Data Recovery

Always make sure you have a backup of data you can’t afford to lose, we have lots of experience recovering data from drives & memory sticks, but if your hard drive is clicking or not spinning up we have teamed up with one of the biggest recovery companies in the UK, They can recover from mechanical / SSD & flash sticks so get in touch.

Network Maintenance

Problems with your network? PCs not able to connect to the internet or printers offline? We have the experience to get to the bottom of all network problems

Mac Repairs

Mac are extremly reliable but like all electronic parts can sometimes fail, we can replace screens, keyboards, Batteries, Hard drives upgraded to SSDs, Operating system reloads/upgrades etc.